About BCN Style

BCN Style is a part of the Ekosystem blog network. We are dedicated to helping unite the Barcelona street art scene and keep everyone informed about the situation in Barcelona from the artists perspective.

BCN Style is a community project, we want to give a voice to new & existing artists, if you feel like contributing with art, news, writing or any aspect then let us know. Even if it is just to tell us about your exhibition or give us your opinion.

Language barriers?
The people of Barcelona hear many languages and speak Spanish, Catalan or English.

We felt it would be more real and more universal to allow all Barcelona artists to participate, meet and express themselves in the language they feel most comfortable.

This means that you will see information in many languages. Key parts of the site are in English, otherwise the web designer will be screwed.

You can translate any page using Babelfish

The logo
The logos are created by artists involved with Barcelona, if you want to make one, make one, then just email us and we’ll add it to the rotation.

BCN Style is operated by a growing team of unpaid volunteers whose aim is to showcase art from Barcelona and the world beyond.

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2 thoughts on “About BCN Style

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  2. Dominic


    First of all, massive respect with the site. You´ve got an incredible amount of impressive photos that have given me a cool insight into the BCN street art scene. Also some really interesting articles and information on the scene here, I love it.

    So ,my name is Dominic Attard, and one part of Motique designs (street and graffiti artists) from Sydney, Australia. I live here in BCN now and have been attempting to put some mosaic installations out on the streets, I was wondering if you could give me some advice/be interested in coming out on a mission? I´m always looking for cool new places to put the installations. Anyways, check out the instagram @motiquedesigns and let me know. Would be cool to get an insiders opinion on where they should go. Thanks again.


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