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Enjoy Barcelona

A current history:

Bon Pastor

Before 2005, graffitti wasn’t legal, but the people were able to paint in some specific places because they have been painted for years, or because they were for destroy, destroyed, lost… Nowadays what the government tells the police, (just to summarize) is : fuck the painters!
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Street Artist Interview – Ibie

Artist name: Fat Ibie
City of Birth: Barcelona
City of Choice: Mexicali
How many years have you been painting: En el colegio me llamaban el rallajero, nuncan entendieron mis dibujitos y me ponian insuficiente en dibujo y plástica. Espero empezar a pintar algún día.
Website: &

Likes: Regreso al futuro, Star wars y Mallrats

Dislikes: Bety al fea y los Serrano

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Jordi Hereu – Barcelona Llora

Jordi Hereu

LADRÓN DE PINTURAS. La carta de Kenor al ayuntamiento. (English version below)
nosotros los que intentamos que barcelona tenga color. los q luchamos para que el arte esté en la calle.
tu q robaste ese color,esas pinturas y como ser egoista te las llevaste a tu casa, para ti, solo para ti y despues las vendistes junto a barcelona. hiciste el negocio.

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Hello Ekosystem Visitors!

Welcome to our new Ekosystem blog about Barcelona style street art.

Welcome to BCN Style

Pez vs Los especialitos.

We are now live and the site is a work in progress. Please have a look around and let us know what you think.

If you find any problems, want to voice your opinion or want to share your art, leave us a comment or send us an email.

Meanwhile, find out more about, checkout the artists and events.

Barcelona Happy Style

We hope you enjoy!

No More Walls

The situation in Barcelona right now is extremely alarming.

Recently the last 2 legal walls have been banned. (Drassanes and Nou de la Rambla)


This cannot continue.

The current situation
Whilst trying to put this blog together, we contacted as many artists involved with Barcelona street art as we could find, many have been seriously discussing the situation in private. Now, the artists have started to get organised.

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