bue zosen kenor uri with cops

The wall, was a typical place for paint since the 90`s and it was rests of a street art celebration (and fucked the day after for some local kids, we don´t know why)…
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barcelona burn

we thought nothing was going to happen (one of the worst neighborhood in barcelona nowadays called *La Mina* is at the same town we were, Sant Adrià) so we thought the police we’re gonna be helping the world, and not giving moral lessons when you are doing ART at a fucked place. Its called spanish common sense.

Hola buenas tardes… tienen ustedes el permiso?

barcelona burn

me deja su dni si es tan amable,

barcelona burn

realitzar pintades o graffits fors dels llocs autoritzats. Deslluiment de bens immòbles. Is what someone can thing if he is payed finishing the month cause is an order of his boss.

barcelona burn

barcelona burn

Thanx bue for this super pictures!!!

6 thoughts on “bue zosen kenor uri with cops

  1. todoloven

    asta cuando podremos aguantar tanta represion???
    donde esta el sentido de tanta desigualdad?
    un abrazo
    sigan luchando y haciendo arte en las calles.


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