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Protest Barcelona Cultura de Base

If u are in Barcelona the 18th of this month, please, we need your support.
Si estais por Barcelona el dia 18 es de vital importancia asistir a la manifestacion por la cultura de base

BCN llora

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En la plaza Sant Jaume, el dìa 18 a las 18:00
On Sant Jaume Square, the 18th of september at 18:00
Check it here

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bue zosen kenor uri with cops

The wall, was a typical place for paint since the 90`s and it was rests of a street art celebration (and fucked the day after for some local kids, we don´t know why)…
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barcelona burn

we thought nothing was going to happen (one of the worst neighborhood in barcelona nowadays called *La Mina* is at the same town we were, Sant Adrià) so we thought the police we’re gonna be helping the world, and not giving moral lessons when you are doing ART at a fucked place. Its called spanish common sense.

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Galeria Oberta – The Open Gallery

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Hi everyone

As most of you might know, new Zero Tolerance laws made painting in Barcelona almost impossible. Where there was full color, gray now is the sovereign. The last example was the complete buffing of the Drassanes wall, which had been painted for more than 15 years, as quoted in a previous post on bcnstyle. So now, officialy, there’s no one single spot to paint legal in town.

Mostra un mapa més gran

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No More Walls

The situation in Barcelona right now is extremely alarming.

Recently the last 2 legal walls have been banned. (Drassanes and Nou de la Rambla)


This cannot continue.

The current situation
Whilst trying to put this blog together, we contacted as many artists involved with Barcelona street art as we could find, many have been seriously discussing the situation in private. Now, the artists have started to get organised.

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