CITTà AL MURO (Manifesta Collateral event) Trento – Italy

From Gola:
An Exhibition in Trento, Italy featuring Sparki, Kato, Cyop & Kaf, Gola, Ueia Lolta, Gianluca Manzana, Tristan Favre on 12th July 2008.


12.July.08 11h Interactive Performance
Mercato dei gaudenti piazza Garzetti

12.July.08 ORE 16h > 19h Pittoric Performance with Sparki, Kato, Cyop & Kaf, Gola, Ueia Lolta, Gianluca Manzana, Tristan Favre

Sede Facoltà di Sociologia in restauro Via Verdi, 26

Visit, for more info.

12 thoughts on “CITTà AL MURO (Manifesta Collateral event) Trento – Italy

  1. uri

    Gola is an artist who is not from Barcelona, but he has work, paint, express and performance on. As u, he is not a local artist, but maybe i need to remember u, u had a crew in barcelona with him. Mucho amigo crew. *Many friend crew*
    At first i thought a little the same, but if we have post pezs exhibition in Paris, with people weren’t from BCN, or Dixon at Canada… why do we need make him not appear if he send the information? Put your own information or speak with him directly, telling what u think man, and trying to cogvince him, to don’t send information . We aren’t here for shut up anyone.

  2. UiU-A8

    But i Live here, Dixon live here too, but Gola no…
    Gola is a good friend a person i really love*, but what one thing have to do with other? i hope you never include Mymo on this blog too… or you can put every body who once painted in BCN, and then you can change de name of the blog to Global STYLE* jejejejejeje

    (pues nada apenas me kedé curioso y he hecho una pergunta)

  3. UiU-A8

    but URI you don’t understand it don’t you?
    so i ask you again (now that we are clear about GOLA):
    what this have to do with barcelona style?

  4. uri

    Barcelona is a 0 without the artist that has camed from arround. And not for live. Just for paint.
    Before u arrive to Barcelona I remember an artist now doesn’t lives in Barcelona, Chanoir. The movement is Barcelona. And he is not here and i didnt see his paints since a lot of time ago, but are you going to tell not to him? U know Gola cames to Barcelona, to record films with performance in las ramblas, or to met u and go to paint, and he has been LIVING for few periods here.
    Mymo if she wanna be involved will be great too!!!
    We don’t wanna have a public, we don;t wanna have soldiers, only fighters and supporters.
    If u are the volunteer for show which people is welcomed or wich not based in how do they keep the essence of Barcelona… good luck man! Cause i don’t feel myself keeping the true

  5. ED

    si me pides opinión la doy :p

    Gola ni es de Barcelona, ni esta en Barcelona, ni pinta en Barcelona, ni la expo es en Barcelona,

    pero bueno tampoco me molesta.. siempre es bueno estar informado.. y de no ser por aquí no sabría de esa expo, ademas es colega nuestro.

    tampoco es para hacer una montaña de esto… si ya nos ponemos a discutir por estas paridas apaga y vamonos!

    un saludo

  6. UiU-A8

    a ver yo he hecho una pergunta directa, sin ironías, no necesito ke me contesten en tonos o tonalidades irónicas; vale? yo no estoy en desacuerdo ni de acuerdo, apenas he hecho una pregunta por curiosidad, para ententar entender mejor la filosofia del blog.

  7. uri

    the philosophy of this blog is keep the unity of the artists, trying to change the situation, expressing ourselves. I told we don’t wanna shut up anyone. We need supporters from arround, if we wanna be more listened.
    If the people is gonna feel the message, know about what is going on, or trying to support Barcelona, they will be for sure welcomed.
    As u know we are going to make meetings for take the way all the artists that are involved choose.

  8. Göla

    Ammiguus much love for everyone !!!! i din’t know that this info could be a fight between us…..

    but i thin it’s a littel bit stupid to say that i m not link with barcelona.

    what it means??? that i wasn t borne there??? ba!!!

    i m still in italy right now because i had problems wit my arm,, and because i m working in some stuff here,the plan was about live in bcn,, but what??

    i live between here and barna,, what is the problem,.

    relax my friends ,, it’s useless to fiht between eachother for this thingz,.


  9. UiU-A8

    i make a question to understand how this blog will work, cause i thought it will be only for BCN residents… and the confusion was installed… very odd… URI send a mail to everybody saying that i don’t aprove it, and now i have GOLA putting delicated question about that on my flog… i don’t need this… but if somebody really have a strong need for real fights and blood i’m ready for it, let’s make a FIGHT CLUB instead of graffiti blog, or once for all stop this foolish wave of misunderstandings, ok? or don’t count on me no longer, i have more important things in life that feed some dubious intentions (dubious, cause i don’t reach their purpose)…

  10. uri

    I think everyone have more important things than read this (or not), and the intention is just the opposite of fight. As I told you by here and by mail too, if there is anyone of the participants or the people is gonna participate that is not agree, we can delete this post, as a communitary decision. We also yesterday did a meeting, and another a week before. All the answers in the mail has been or yes, they don’t care, or let’s meet in order to run this blog everyone and decide all together. If I am working, as I worked for you, and Gola send me information about his exhibition, I’m not gonna be the one telling not to him.
    When u arrive again to barcelona (lets see if the people thing is only for residents that are in Barcelona, we hope not…) u can came to the meetings, and we will show you how to use it, and write your own posts. It’s gonna be better than this I think.
    Look for this kind of fighters if u wanna do a club man.

    I hope meet you soon, and talk.
    Un abrazo uiu

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