Cultural Especulating: between art public space and company in Poblenou; privat profit for some public domain?

Especulation in Can Ricart


For the past 10 years, the industrial neighboorhood POBLENOU, “manchester catala”, avangard pole of the industrial revolution of spain and cataluña has been threat by a urban plan calle 22@( Poblenou reminds also for the memory of thousands of workers in the fabrichs.workers fighting. there is a big history on their streets, like fighting against franco or when it was at that time popular, comune , and cooperativist. now some companies (see 22@website) and governement of barcelona create 22@ to change the “face” of the neighboorhood into a silicon valley,

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more indeed, hotels offices, new builidings, parks, and a urban requalification convert the tones of spaces from the industrial area of Poblenou into a profit for big companies like indra(company of armament), companies of what they called “new tecnologies” or gathering “clusters” of knoledgement activities, converting barcelona and pointing to the new model of barcelona(promoted since olimpics games1992 for example).

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but check out this book… talking about the barcelona s model:

especulation monster

in the other face of the plan , there are tones of questions to ask and contradictions in the process of legitimeze urban and cultural especulation of this plan. threre lots of people threatened out of poblenou because this afectation of the plan, or hundreds of artists that produced art in fabriques because it was “more cheap” making studios and tallers part of the social tessute of poblenou, but there workers kicked out and industrial companies of barcelona because this change of planing city. there has been industrial places or social cultural places from poblenou that had been defended by associations, neighboors, workers, colectives and indivduals. big fight for these public space problaly the most simbolic its the case of Can ricart. see ,

especulation monster

more webs:
the last artistic independent place;

there is this thursday 9 , a meeting in NIU. Organized by 22@, the informal conference name: art, public space and company. this is the link to the event.

the new events going in relation with activities in poblenou related to 22@. and the new way of thinking company artists and public space, but we questioned this because 22@ are the ones that destroy workers artists places a lot of companies and family houses.
see more info of 22@ and who is behind all this big project…,es/
the logo of the big event “inside22” refereing to 22@ converted to heart!! now the destruction of the neighboorhood is a heart!!!!is love!!!!
i can ricart en un escenari…

Poblenou has been one of the places where graffiti art in barcelona has grown a lot.

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