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A current history:

Bon Pastor

Before 2005, graffitti wasn’t legal, but the people were able to paint in some specific places because they have been painted for years, or because they were for destroy, destroyed, lost… Nowadays what the government tells the police, (just to summarize) is : fuck the painters!

If you think you are safe painting something that common sense tells you is not bad, even when your only idea is to make the reality look a little better by putting colors, in a lost dirty place with rats, trash, planned to be destroyed in a week, you are a delinquent, not an idealist.

In September 2007, Maze, Kenor, Tom14, Gato, Sapo, Uri, went to *las casas baratas* from Bon Pastor Neighbourhood, in order to paint these houses, from expropiated villagers (cause the government decided to develop and build new hotels for sure), which at the moment were full of shit, rats and other dirty stuff…

Bon Pastor

Even though we had the premission of the old neighbours of this houses, even though they were painted with tags before, even though our only intention was have fun with the people there, trying to put a little feeling on the wall…

Bon Pastor


Trying to give colour to a place where there is only construction. The way people get rich in spain. Is called *el negocio del ladrillo*: for 360.000 euros you can have a 70 metre flat in a lost place (even though many many spanish workers don’t make even 1000 euros per month).

Bon Pastor

Even you are an innocent kid that wants to play at your old and nearly to be destroyed house,

Bon Pastor

tom 14

even if you are not a kid, and you want to express your feelings, with this kind of situation,

Bon Pastor

Maze Kenor uri

At the moment the police arrives…

Bon Pastor

You can begin to use your imagination in order to invent a good history…

Bon Pastor

and also and can try to tell them that if you don’t paint, a big guy will kick your ass… Because the answer will be a letter similar to this:

Bon Pastor

This time, we were lucky and the judge decided we don’t need to pay or work for the community (even though at the time of the judgement the buildings were completely destroyed, you can consider yourself lucky), even though they didn’t return the spray cans.

If you are not from Spain, maybe, the spanish justice cannot bother you too much… So maybe if the artistic painting at dead places is forbidden, and you are thinking you want to come to the city, what the government is asking you for is for bombing stuff in the pretty center of the city! Most of barcelona painters will understand maybe nowadays this acts as your support.

It’s time to bomb!

Remember Franco!

Check the laws here!

3 thoughts on “Enjoy Barcelona

  1. UiU-A8

    in that sunny afternoon i went there to paint too, with Ibie and Eraklez… when we arrive the police was always there, killing the good mood, charge them and stoling their painting equipment… unbelievable*

  2. rafi [u*a*s*]

    fuckin’ repression…..it’s really a shit, when you go to places like that, that in practice represent the same as the legalized walls…

    fuck the bastards, it’s time II bomb 😉

    big ups from portugal 😉

  3. Les Frères Ripoulain

    How hard could it be to have a city without any improvisation.
    Barcelona city face will fade to grey.

    Support from Rennes city where wall are still accessible (for now).

    Les Frères Ripoulain

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