Exhibition now: Concrete Secrets – Neurotitan – Berlin

Concret Secrets

The Concret Secrets exhibition starts on 27 June 2008 in Berlin and runs until 17 July 2008 and features Kafre, Zosen, Ovni, Tom14.

Deep human visions.
Sometimes we withhold realities. Concret Secrets will show other part of us. Visions from a new atmosphere, in this urban search, the surprise will be the experience. This secret talk about daily moments, humans portraits and cities misteries, steps, cement streets, feelings and public thoughts. Concret laberynts and false walls represents our every day. We need to be part of our cities, the public must learn to be an active participant and leave the position of a passive observer, Concrete Secrets will help to wake up and to approach citzens and cities, Realities and free doors.

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