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Hi everyone

As most of you might know, new Zero Tolerance laws made painting in Barcelona almost impossible. Where there was full color, gray now is the sovereign. The last example was the complete buffing of the Drassanes wall, which had been painted for more than 15 years, as quoted in a previous post on bcnstyle. So now, officialy, there’s no one single spot to paint legal in town.

Mostra un mapa més gran

However, we’ve been looking for alternate ways of making art in the streets without having to run away, leaving an unfinished piece behind. Last year we set up Difusor2007, an international stencil meeting with more than 100 artists from 20 countries. It was a success and everyone was happy about it, including local politicians and staff. We kept in touch with those local authorities involved (from Horta, a neighborhood of Barcelona with some capacity of decision in certain topics) and, some months later, we sent them a dossier asking for a free, permanent wall where to paint legally without having to set up a festival each year.

Galeria Oberta

Given that we knew in advance that their answer was going to be a big NO, THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, we brightened the dossier, and showed something slightly different. Our argument was: you let us made the festival in 2007 in this specific wall. This year we want to do a free gallery, open to everyone and permanent (which is, in fact, a legal wall). We’ll document the artwork, make a website and bring contemporary urban artists to this not so well known area of Barcelona, which is going to be positive for the cultural environment of the neighborhood.

Their answer was: yes, ok, but you still need a permission. Obviously, we wanted to set up the project (as far as we know is the only possibility of painting legal in town). So we had to make a deal by accepting this point.

Some change
But we achieved some changes. From now on, is not the local authoritiy giving the permission anymore (that means you have to go to the town’s council, ask for a wall, fill some forms, show your sketch and wait for a response, negative in most of the requests -and this assuming you’ve got the time and patience to carry all this annoying bureaucracy). Now it’s Difusor to give the papers.

So, if you want to paint legal in Barcelona, you have to:
1. Write an e-mail to* with your name, surname and dates of work. Some days in advance please!
2. Print our response mail (we are not curators, we’ll give the paper to ANYONE)
3. Keep it safe in your pocket while painting. Local police should know about the project, but you never know.. so, for avoiding any problem, do it this way.

Respect the project:
The wall has 34 2x4m frames.
The painting area is only inside the frames.
Remember it’s an Open Gallery.


More information on the Galeria Oberta

*Ed. note: If you are going to give out all of your personal details, please make sure you know about your online privacy.

4 thoughts on “Galeria Oberta – The Open Gallery

  1. uri

    Good work from difusor. I will be there.

    Unfortunately, it is not a free wall if u need to email someone, give your e mail address, your name and surname to paint in a lost wall!

    We need to fight to the papers no one must give to us. Legal walls must be free. Too much politic which is at same time alienating us.

    Even that kind of control the situation (remember Albert Camus y La peste), is as fucked but its the best way we have right now.

  2. Master Case

    GRACIAS por conseguir estos muros, os lo habéis currao!

    Estos proyectos abiertos son los que más me gustan!

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