Helps to Eradicate Paints

The catalonian news paper. El Periódico.

The historic center o Barcelona, Ciutat Vella, is gonna be the first district with a subvention plan, which is gonna have free mantenaince. The gobernment wanna fight the invasion of graffiti with the implication of the particular people

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Until now, each particular (specially each one with propierty seen from the public space) was under their own responsability to keep clean the exterior space of his propierty. But, as *the municipal brigate is not able too fight with the thousands of hands*, and the particulars, the ones that have to clean their own exterior space, get bored and stop cleaning, the gobernment is gonna start a new plan!!

The subvention includes the cost of the 25 % of the first clean. It begins now in Ciutat Vella, and in January in the rest of districts.
The 4 firsts years of mantenaince will be free under some homologate companies (in spain homologate companies are the ones wich the director is familiar of the politic, or something like that)

In case of communities, the firsts 2 years belongs to the gobernment keep it clean, and the rest depends on the number o buildings that participate.
They are doing militar soldiers against graffiti.

It finish telling that this plan will be followed with pacts to make artistic graffiti in special places. (in spain special, can be under a bridge at the top of montjuic, a little stone we have and we call it mountain. Yes, an special mountain).

We are just fuck’d!

The true is that nowadays, you cannot paint a private shutter if its seen from the street if its not with the autorization of the gobernment. And do u know whats the difference beetwen been ilegal or an exterior decoration? 8 MONTHS OF WAIT AN ANSWER, 250 EUROS AND THE 3 % OF THE TOTAL COST IF YOU ARE GONNA WIN SOME MONEY.
Yes, the autorization is 250 euros. Is so crazy!! If u pay u are not doing anything illegal.
Today speaking with a friend, with a lot of clinical vision told: is so extrange, raval, is full of cops, u cannot see prostitutes (weeks ago was a fight against the romanian prostitutes and east-european *mafias* with the cops), but in the ramblas, u can see the african prostitutes. For sure he told they have done a pact.
Nonsense city!

7 thoughts on “Helps to Eradicate Paints

  1. gorge hereu

    lo de llegar a mas gente me parece de puta madre ,pero por q no tambien en castellano o catalano hermano,,,,,,,,,

    besos y civismo muak muak

    jordi a+b

  2. uri

    leete el periodico!! La idea es dar a conocer, no repetir lo que está a tu alcance. En otras palabras, mueve el culo y busca la información! En estos mismos comentarios se encuenntra el link a la noticia en castellano.

  3. fragil

    Pero esto que es, vaya acoso, y da la impresión que la opinión publica y los comerciantes les aplauden la medida.
    Primero les obligan a mantener sus persianas ‘limpias’ y ahora les dan migajas para que las liempien sonriendo. que decir.
    Requiem por Barcelona.

    Niños, nos os desanimeis, hay que seguir haciendo presión, eso sí, que no os vean !!!

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