No More Walls

The situation in Barcelona right now is extremely alarming.

Recently the last 2 legal walls have been banned. (Drassanes and Nou de la Rambla)


This cannot continue.

The current situation
Whilst trying to put this blog together, we contacted as many artists involved with Barcelona street art as we could find, many have been seriously discussing the situation in private. Now, the artists have started to get organised.


We want public spaces

Organized protests
These discussions have led to formal organized protests, the first was on the 4th of June and it brought together hundreds of people. The act was symbolic, and whilst much of it wasn’t art of the highest standard, it shows the high level of support and commitment from those involved.

It begins…
The result of the protest was a message ‘We want our spaces returned’. This message was immediately removed by the state.

What remains
What remains is a collection of tags and throw ups, left there purposely in an attempt to encourage public support for a ‘cleaner city’. (Note: the govt is painting everything in the same grey paint regardless of how well it matches the wall it’s on).

Eerily reminiscant of a Barcelona favorite: George Orwell.

This was recorded both by the press and Catalan television.

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Fighting back
As the message was “greyed out” a second message was left it its place, reminding the establishment that Gaudi never liked grey.

Gaudi Doesn’t like Grey

Art, not Vandalism
We do not condone vandalism, and now because of the laws our city is being destroyed by vandalism. The laws affects many more than just those that used and want to paint. They want to make their voices heard.

No More Walls

From the Artists themselves…
Some think Barcelona is Dead. Many think we need help from the international community to change this disaster.

Due to these zero tolerance laws much of the graffiti in Barcelona is reduced to tags, quick throw ups and silver graffiti rather than something for the public to enjoy.

Barcelona street artists are being asked to paint in London which would be considered illegal in Barcelona.

This blog will be a part of our voice. We are trying to connect everyone, regardless of our differences, to fight against something that is alienating us all.

We need international help to take our streets back.

We welcome you to leave a comment below, subscribe, link to us, tell a friend, make a video, paint something, in fact anything that can help us spread the word would help!

Please help us to make a difference, it may be your city next.

13 thoughts on “No More Walls

  1. frere francis XV

    hello there!! good flog you got!! too bad for the “grey walls policy”!! what about the tres chimeneas spot? isn’t it legal to paint there? I hope I can come back to Barcelona to visit my hartos friends soon, and that i’ll be able to paint !! keep up with the good blog work!

  2. uri Post author

    tres chimeneas walls are not legal at all, cause in theory any kind of paint have to be with the express permission from the government. But, it’s the only wall, were the people use to go daily (cause even being not legal, the government hasn’t paint in grey yet).
    U can try to go (its the easiest wall in Barcelona,for sure) but it cannot make u sure at all if the police decide to fuck u.

  3. brems

    just fuck this,
    fight fight fight!!!!
    bomb those walls,
    and fucking run!
    and on the other hand
    who needs legal walls?
    peace to BARCELONA!

  4. Jelle

    This summer I booked a trip to Barcelona with my girlfriend, my plan was to
    paint some legal wall on a sunny day with a can of beer in my left hand and
    a can of paint in the right. Now I’m forced to paint on the streets, so the
    choice is in the hands of Barcelona. Trashed streets or happy
    people in the sun?

  5. uri Post author

    not only this. Even the mediterranean culture use to drink at streets (also spanish invent *bota de vino*, a bag for transport wine and drink without glass), u will be fuck for your spray can on the right, and u will be fuck too, by your beer on the left. Even if you are not painting, they can take your spray can as prevention.
    the reality is going to a city full of tags and other fast stuff.

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  7. hieronymus

    I am coming from Los Angeles, to MOS in Llieda, on July 18th, and then looking forward to coming to Barcelona to paint. I am stunned to hear that such a place of rich culture and openness to art would have such a police state response to graff art now. Sucks for me…as I always seem to get involved in things when the timing is bad. But I will come paint anyway. Hopefully it will be well received and I can pass through as if a Buddhist leaving a trail of sand mandalas in a path towards enlightenment.
    email me if you got any ideas or wanna meat to paint good work, as I know nothing of the streets and politics of Barcelona.

  8. k1

    Drassanes it’s a reference in the whole World…so please don’t destroy one of the unique places that locals and tourists writers have to express they art stuff!!!
    Nowawadays graffiti it’s a product of the globalization, so it’s not correct finishing the only legal walls that we have to do our graffiti pieces!!

    Keep cleaning the walls cause we’ll keep rocking on them!!!

    SAVE DRASSANES – Dictators are not welcome to our “culture”

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