Street Artist Interview: PEZ

Artist name: PEZ
City of Birth: Barcelona
City of Choice: San Adrián

Likes: Paint everywhere, reggaepartys, dancehall queens, skacore, caribean beach, drum&bass montanan cans, fatcap,, happy caracters, bob sponja, alfredo, free entry, free beer

Dislikes: Police in helicopter, Tvboy, tv trash, the airports, hypocrisy, war, sardanas, the typical questions of street art, your mothers cock…

What do you want to express when you are painting?
Nothing, i dont paint for express i paint for enjoy, but without think my fish is spreading happinees and good vibrations to the people on the streets. I dislike this kinds of questions. Look my work and this speaks to you.

What impact do you think the Internet has had on graffiti styles?
A lot of people is copying styles, but not only copy internet pictures they copy magazines styles, etc… is rubbish all the time the same…

What is your favorite place in the world?
Canary Islands

Where do you think is the street art capital of the world?
I dont know, some years ago was Barcelona, now there a lof of interesant cities on the world, but not like Barcelona 5 years ago, i hope now is Berlin???

Which style of graffiti do you like the most?
I like a lot of styles, i dont have one favourite, a mix of all.

What graffiti artist inspires you?
The streets inspired me.

Is there a graffiti style you don’t like?
I dont like people who export styles from others countries, and belive is original,jajaja fuking toys.

What do you think about people who use the street art commercially for their own profit?
I hate this people they dont have brain, fuck off this fucking graphic designers copy street art style they dont have nothing interesting on his brain only COPY PASTE.

If used commercially, is your art in the street still yours?
yes, why no? i hope is nice to work for a big company take a lot of money and use this money to take 4 months on holidays and continue painting, traveling and fucking the cities.

If urban artists can’t paint in the streets how do you think they should display their art?
Paint in the streets never will be impossible, maybe is harder and harder, but they can´t stop graffiti never!!!

What is your relationship with Barcelona?
Is the city where i live, enjoy, work, and do my best parties, my best friends and my best works on the streets.

I love barcelona but now is becoming a big shit because there are a lot of tourism and the prices go higher and higher, too much laws against street activities… Barcelona is changing.

What is your favorite place to visit in Barcelona?
There are a lot of places i dont have a favourite, maybe Las Ramblas is a shit because is one of the most touristic places on barcelona, but you can enjoy smiling of a lot of crazy people walking on this street, and you have beer 24h.

Do you think there is a Barcelona style? What do you think about it? Does it have parallels with the culture?
Barcelona happy Style!!!! Fresh and colorful we dont have rules!!! freedom for artists!

What do you think is the soul of Barcelona street art?
La rumba del trakatraaa.

What do you think about the impact of the strict laws on urban artists?

Fuck off laws and police, the real writers continue painting the others its over, no more fashion victims of street art.

Like some years ago was a fashion boom everybody paint when was easy now where is this street artist???
Now is more vandalism than creative, its a shit for the streets, looks more dirty, but i like too.

What do you think about the legal situation for painting in the streets of BCN? What changes can you see? What about the future?
Fuck off, we need to be more inteligent than they, and continue doing some things in other ways, studiying the streets, what is erased, what no, what places is good for bomb, what time….

What do you think about the future of street art in Barcelona? Will the grey walls affect our voice?
No future. The people WHO ROCK THE CITY SOME YEARS AGO now they are afraid, only some people is continue doing things on the streets. Fat Cap tags on shutters and throw ups, railway walls and….if the people wants we cant continue destroy this city, but never more beautiful walls on the center like some years ago. Its time to bomb!

8 thoughts on “Street Artist Interview: PEZ

  1. Ripo

    We are the only ones who can stop us from painting in the streets, fuck the law… It’s time to bomb!

  2. Alfredo

    Hola, me gustaria hacer un intercambio de stickers. Tengo la coleccion del tigreton y la pantera rosa del 1999 me gustaria cambiar por alguna de un pez que salga bailando regeton.

  3. nemes

    A mi Pez me parece un coñazo apabullante, no comunica nada y lleva no se cuantos años haciendo exactamente el mismo dibuo absurdo sin gracia…es el Xupet del S.XXI

  4. gai3

    sir,am here gai3 from Malaysia.Am a grafphic student,i need to interview you sir for my study method.hopely you can help me..i need to interview street artist.this my collage this my email/ym id. can u plese send me your replay to this id.thanks sir.

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