supervivents. Mister + Debens

The exhibition celebrated in Barcelona from May 14 to June 26, brings together the works of two urban artists who have exchanged the street for the gallery to show their vision of the darker side of humanity and its environment.

Barcelona, 23 April 2009 – They love as passionately as they hate. They live asphyxiated by asphalt, in the city that inspires them. They drink to get drunk yet their work remains lucid. They are Debens and Mister, two young people caught between art and the street, who, in spite of the eternal contradiction, are established artists and great friends.

From the 14th of May until 26 june, an exhibition at the Montana Shop & Gallery (C/Comerç 6), takes the title Survivors “Supervivents” and shows the work of these two characters, both born of the graffiti of the city. Each artist brings his graphical work – photography, paintings, drawings, silk screens – converting the banal, dark, often repugnant into cult objects. Their objective to join, what some may consider opposing contexts of – art and street – in a gallery setting.


Debens (Barcelona, 1980). He doesn’t like to talk about his work, his work speaks for itself. Has always lived on the edge between art books and canned beers, influenced by the vagabond worlds “vagamundos” of Marcel Duchamp and Robert Rauschenberg. He has experimented with paint, photography, sculpture and performance. He is both member and creator of graffiti crews ONG, 1980 and Doble Cobra, all icons of Barcelona’s underground scene.


Mister, Ernest Fidel Añaños (Euskadi, 1980), began his career without being conscious of it, painting tags and marking territory in the city that saw him grow, Sabadell. After several years painting the walls in different locations together with groups such as ONG,1980 and Doble Cobra, he took the leap to canvas. The change was not just a decision but also an obligation. With the introduction of Anti-Social Legislation in Barcelona, the street has become a dangerous place for urban artists, they hide in the galleries to enable them to continue to express themselves. Mister has exhibited work in galleries such as Welldone (Gracia, BCN), he has carried out graphic works for Absolut Vodka, the music group Za! and for Boombox and the Cobra Club sessions at the Apolo Club Barcelona.