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hyperterrorealism is a new trendy concept, as stylr, as the madafuckin pope of rome or as was Lady Di with her madafuckin idiot bingo-winks queen of england and her dumbo madafuckin son, just as an example. Anyways, taliban hash and jamaica weed its always nice. Anytime, welcome.

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bue zosen kenor uri with cops

The wall, was a typical place for paint since the 90`s and it was rests of a street art celebration (and fucked the day after for some local kids, we don´t know why)…
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barcelona burn

we thought nothing was going to happen (one of the worst neighborhood in barcelona nowadays called *La Mina* is at the same town we were, Sant Adrià) so we thought the police we’re gonna be helping the world, and not giving moral lessons when you are doing ART at a fucked place. Its called spanish common sense.

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