Today is Going to be a Good Day

“Hoy será un buen dia, lucha por ello”

“Today is going to be a good day, fight for it”

This is a plaque found on a wall in La Barceloneta.

It reads
Necesito tu ayuda
Me han puesto una venda para cegarme
y a ti tambien te la han puesto
El gobierno quiere una ciudad “limpia”
pero sigue oliendo a mierda y continua
teniendo un aspecto de mierda.
Sin arte callejero la ciudad
se muere de alguna manera
la calle pierde vitalidad
ayudame a tomar lo que es muestro

la ciudad

In English
I need your help I have been blindfolded and so have you
the government wants a “clean” city
smells like shit and now it looks just as shitty without street art, the city dies the streets become lifeless
Help me take back what is ours

Our Mission
The message is clear and not a new one.

Since 2005 the people of Barcelona have been stripped of their freedoms and common civil liberties.

Changes in the law restrict what everyone in Barcelona can do, not only the artists. Squeezing the very life of the city that is the reason people come in the first place.

Hopefully we’ll be able to provide a place to find out more and to give a voice to those affected by this crisis.

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